earth hour? not if it gets in the way of my beer

Earth Hour?  Not having any of it thanks.  I already do more to ‘save’ the earth from myself than most of my neighbors.  More hysteria from folks who won’t be content until we are living in grass huts while mommy and daddy try to save the family from starving on the one acre patch of land granted by the Earth Firsters to the Kulaks…

  • recycling?  Check.  Including separating the little plastic windows from the interminable junk mail  – which just drives my wife crazy;
  • composting?  Check.  Been doing that since i could peel a potato safely – thanks mom and dad;
  • second hand car?  Check.  Of course this makes me an enemy of labour by denying them their god given right to union manufacturing jobs.  F*ck you buddy, the earth must come first;
  • reel mower?  Check.  on-line banking? Check.  turn the furnace off at night? Check.  use dishwater in the veggie garden?  Check.  [no, really – you’d be surprised at how tasty the cucumbers turn out]

I do this voluntarily because I want to .  I don’t lecture my neighbours, family or friends and I sure as hell am not going to be guilted into showing my ‘love’ for the earth because the goracle and wwf and assorted other do gooders say I must.   If you love civilization, freedom and the use of reason, keep on all the lights you need on Saturday. Take Back the Night.

Lights on Baby!

what are they afraid of?

Update:  March 21 2008:

…..being made to look like fools, apparently.  The CHRT has issued a ruling which will allow McLeans and Mark Steyn to report from within the Warman v Lemire hearing.  Read the entire post at over at ezra levant’s blog….


The CHRC will take submissions from the public on the issue of the closed Warman v Lemire tribunal hearing, but the submissions must be made by March 17th.  You are encouraged to write a polite letter to Ms Jessie Cyr outlining why you believe the hearing should open to public reporting. If you can’t write a polite letter, PLEASE DON’T WRITE.Canadian Human Rights Tribunal
160 Elgin Street
11th Floor
Ottawa, ON K1A 1J4
Tel: (613) 995-1707

the skies are falling! the skies are FALLING!

“…..The Arctic ocean is warming up, icebergs are growing scarcer and in some places the seals are finding the water too hot, according to a report to the Commerce Department yesterday from Consul Ifft, at Bergen, Norway….”

oh.   no wait – they’re not. 

mind you when history is just a dead white man’s way to continue oppressing the masses, even the goracle can hope to get away with the long con…..

books – new on the shelf (bumped)

 March 18 2008:

Liberal Fascism – Jonah Goldberg.  Winston Churchill, George Orwell, Jeanne Kirkpatrick – they all understood.  Goldberg simply casts the socialist imperative for control of every aspect of your life into the American context.   A must read for all who oppose the creeping hand of state intervention.


Feb 16 2008: 

algiers.jpgOne of the dangers of being let loose in a book store is that despite my best intentions, I never seem to leave with only one book:

My Battle of Algiers: A Memoir – Ted Morgan

The Road to Verdun – Ian Ousby

where would you prefer to live? chile or cuba? spain or venezuala?

Upon completion of Jonah Goldberg’s “Liberal Fascism” and in admiration of Nick Cohen’s “What’s Left?” perhaps it is time to revisit a classic, Jeanne Kirkpatrick’s “Dictatorships and Double Standards.”

“…..Nowhere is the affinity of liberalism, Christianity, and Marxist socialism more apparent than among liberals who are “duped” time after time into supporting “liberators” who turn out to be totalitarians, and among Left-leaning clerics whose attraction to a secular style of “redemptive community” is stronger than their outrage at the hostility of socialist regimes to religion….”

“…..Traditional autocrats leave in place existing allocations of wealth, power, status, and other re- sources which in most traditional societies favor an affluent few and maintain masses in poverty.  But they worship traditional gods and observe traditional taboos.  They do not disturb the habitual rhythms of work and leisure, habitual places of residence, habitual patterns of family and personal relations.  Because the miseries of traditional life are familiar, they are bearable to ordinary people who, growing up in the society, learn to cope, as children born to untouchables in India acquire the skills and attitudes necessary for survival in the miserable roles they are destined to fill. Such societies create no refugees.

Precisely the opposite is true of revolutionary Communist regimes. They create refugees by the million because they claim jurisdiction over the whole life of the society and make demands for change that so violate internalized values and habits that inhabitants flee by the tens of thousands in the remarkable expectation that their attitudes, values, and goals will “fit” better in a foreign country than in their native land…..”

Get the .pdf here.

terrifying new disease that threatens to end life as we know it

As far as I am concerned, the asteroid can’t fall soon enough.   Mr. Steve Salerno has a great takedown of ‘news’ reporting at


  • Out of 300 million Americans, roughly 299.999954 million were not murdered today.
  • Day after day, some 35,000 commercial flights traverse our skies without incident.
  • The vast majority of college students who got drunk last weekend did not rape anyone, or kill themselves or anyone else in a DUI or hazing incident. On Monday, they got up and went to class, bleary-eyed but otherwise okay.

giving comfort to the enemy

While the asteroid looms overhead, the MSM continues to give comfort to the enemy.

 Using data on attacks and variation in access to international news across Iraqi provinces, we identify an “emboldenment” effect by comparing the rate of insurgent attacks in areas with higher and lower access to information about U.S news after public statements critical of the war. We find in periods after a spike in war-critical statements, insurgent attacks increases by 5-10 percent.