….links that make you go ‘hmm’ 002

Bet you can’t guess who ranks second.  My guys came in 18th.

I don’t know, I like a more obvious challenge.  Everyone puts their cellular distractions in the center of the table.  First one to pick it up to check his entirely vacuous texts pays the bill for everyone.

My guy isn’t particular, he’ll work for treats.

For when the super volcano under Yellowstone goes burp.  I wonder how many carbon credits that’s going to use up?


seventy billion people on earth – where are they hiding?*

cctvInternet game that awards points for people spotting real crimes on CCTV is branded ‘snooper’s paradise’.   Who will watch the watchers?

One more reason to avoid merry olde england…..

the money quote: 

‘There are more than four million cameras in the UK so everybody is on camera already, it is just that no one is watching the cameras.’

Players collect points by watching the cameras, which show CCTV images in real-time, and click a button every time they see something suspicious taking place.

*Bonus points for the name of the band and track with this post title as a sample…..

on the music box

stclair-silversunpickupsHeavy Rotation:  Silversun Pickups,  ‘Panic Switch’ – from the album ‘Swoon’;

“Silversun Pickups generated more Smashing Pumpkins comparisons than any band this side of Zwan with their 2006 debut Carnavas, and whether or not it was justifiable, it was certainly understandable. But in the manner in which these things usually work out, such hyperbolic comparisons helped the Silver Lake band way more than it hurt them….”

Go Faster Music:  Basement Jaxx, ‘Hey U (Jaxx Accordian Mix)’;

Rediscovered: Bif Naked,  ‘Spaceman’;

Retro:  The Jam‘That’s Entertainment’; and

Long Song:  The Tragically Hip, ‘New Orleans is Sinking’, from the album That Night in Toronto

heavy rotation (recharging the ipod batteries)

Beast:  “Out of Control”

beast1Beast is an experimental union between the powerful and sensual voice of Beatrice Bonifassi and the dirty, in your face, beats of composer and drummer Jean-Phi Goncalves, both as Betty and Jean-Phi. After having wonderfully performed on the 2004 Oscar Winner Sound Track – The Triplettes de Belleville – Betty has joined since then her voice and her songwriter skills to Dj Champion to create, once again, a major impact on the local, national and international music industry. Betty’s uniquely textured voice charmed and inspired Jean-Phi, leader of Montreal’s new sensation band, Plaster. For his part, Jean-Phi has made eclecticism his own speciality. Lead drummer and original electro-jazz composer, he has taken part to many projects.  Read the review….


K-OS: “4-3-2-1”

Rediscovered:  INXS:  “Don’t Change”

on the music box

rilo-kiley.jpgHeavy Rotation:  Rilo Kiley, “Under The Blacklight*

Shuffled Lots:   Mobile, “See Right Through Me”

Rediscovered:  Colourbox, “Just give ’em enough whiskey”.   This just dates me… situates my musical references in the era of Reagan.

Long Song:  Yo La Tengo, “The Story of Yo La Tengo” from “I am not afraid of  you and I will beat your ass“.    Which also probably makes this album title one of the best ever.