thou shalt believe!

Upperdate:  Here’s a plan even the Lieberals can get on board with.  It has all of their favourite policy hallmarks:

  • Intrusive (a government issued card that will allow you to buy your ration) with all sorts of government oversight and legions of bureaucrats to manage the policy: check;
  • Open to fraud: check
  • Will cost billions of tax dollars to implement (gun registry anyone?): check
  • Will penalise homeowners (freeze you middle class b*stards in your mcmansions!): check
  • Likely to penalise rural folks who may have to drive longer distances (probably socon anyway so f*ck them); check
  • Will win votes from the enviro-weenies and 905 belt: check


Apparently I will no longer be fit for polite company.  

“The God’s of Global Warming require that you believe.   Non believers shall be cast out upon on the sacred ice flow, thereupon to reflect on their evil ways.”


of decks and fierce creatures

Today was deck refurbishment day (2), in which replacement posts, small kids underfoot, electric tools of a variety of sorts and beer all made their appearance. I don’t know how any family with kids actually gets any projects completed – there’s probably a formula wherein for every project and kids lurking around, there is at least one ‘must have’ item which seems never to make if from the store to home, thus necessitating an emergency replenishment trip.

Anyway, the elder fierce creature tried his hand at painting – mostly successful – only a little transfered to clothing – but his real interest was firmly with the strange and cool tools populating my toolbox. As I write, he has the magnetic telescopic small thingy retriever at his side, firmly of the opinion that for now that is the coolest tool around. Being somewhat less than 8, but more than 7, he is very determined to share the tools so long as it doesn’t actually involve any work!

Of course at a crucial stage in the refurbishment, I discovered that I had left a piece of hardware in the car, which has now disappeared with SWMBO and littlest fierce creature off to the grocery store. It’s almost like the beer gods have conspired to force me to enjoy one.

common sense – it’s rare

For years we have been fed mindless pap via our dinosaurs about failed states and how if only we would allow the likes of fluffy bunny Layton and his ilk to give the suffering folks a big group hug and tonnes of cash (preferably extracted from the western middle classes) we could solve poverty and everyone would be instantly healthy and cavorting in their backyard pools.   You know, the tired old saw about how ‘terrorism’ and root causes in poverty and all that rubbish.

Then along comes a breath of fresh air – in the form of Asraf Ghani, to clarify things.  And guess what?  Apparently simple things like the rule of law, enforcement of contracts and stamping out corruption have a far greater impact than sending in platoons of U.N. bureaucrats at $1500 a day to tell the poor unfortunates how to dig themselves out of their mess. 

Anyway, once you have finished reading the article, go and get his book.

all the news that’s fit to fake

And yet some people I know, ‘smart’ folks, still believe that Israel deliberately does this sort of thing. Sometimes you just got to make the story fit the preconceived notions……

An Open Thank You Letter to Charles Enderlin and France2

Thank You Charles Enderlin and France2-

We have to admit we were angry with you for libeling Israel that we wanted to get you to take it back. It wasn’t just anger. We wanted to make it impossible for you to ever release such a tidal wave of violence and blood on us again. After the disastrous aftermath of your al Durah report, so many people suffered and died, we have come to think of you more as a war criminal than just an unethical journalist. Really, we do not feel that you deserve to be thought of as an honorable journalist. Fortunately for us your character flaws have relieved us of the responsibility to attack you. If you had ignored our criticism, let the whole thing drop and not sued anyone you would still be on top of the world today and Israel and the Jewish people would still be blackened by your libel.

Your restless guilt and vanity would not let you do the smart thing, though, and you sued Philipe Karsenty. Only those blinded by self-importance and its underlying insecurity, on the one hand, and driven by a need to deny fault on the other, would have felt the need.

So you showed your weakness and hubris just by filing the suit. Even more important though, from your law suit flowed the healing drama in the French courtroom in March. First, you demeaned yourself by bringing obviously altered tape into evidence into the courtroom. Then you further revealed your self delusion by pretending not to notice the derisive laughter of the gallery or that even the judge who was questioning you was treating you and your evasive explanations with amused disdain.

Now that the judgment is published, Charles, we are very pleased to see that you are going to do your best to help us to help you to complete your self-destruction by taking it to a higher court. We never had the stomach for the dirty fight you are waging we do not like to destroy other people- no matter how richly deserved. We, therefore are especially grateful to you that you have not had the moral fiber to resist you darker instincts and have thereby undertaken to do the job yourself.

We are not character assassins- but we are enjoying immensely watching your character commit a spectacularly public suicide.

Yaacov Ben Moshe,
Second Draft

After the verdict was rendered, Phillipe Karsenty had this to say: “The verdict means we have the right to say France 2 broadcast a fake news report, that [al-Dura’s shooting] was a staged hoax and that they duped everybody – without being sued[.]”

how cool is this?

Those who know junior will agree that if suddenly he were to acquire a significant windfall of cash, say by lottery, his house might need an extension simply to hold all of the crazy cool gadgets he must have….

The Yamaha-branded Deus Ex concept is worn as an exo-skeleton with seven artificial vertebra as well as the pneumatically attached helmet. The motor is in-wheel, powered by ultra-capacitors and doped nano-phoshpate batteries similar to those already used in hybrids, and is capable of 0-60mph in 3 seconds. Top speed is 75mph with a recharge time of 15 minutes and cycle time of 1 hour.

uefa championship 2008

Junior and the elder Fierce Creature watched last nights final – and quite entertaining it was.  Going in, the Fierce Creature was a tentative Chelsea fan (“dad, who is the best footballer?  Wayne Rooney, Michael Ballack, Ronaldo?”) but was prepared to cast them overboard if Man U looked to become the champions.    He was allowed to stay up and watch until the end of the first extra time, but then had to wait until morning to find out how it all turned out. 

My view is that Chelsea more or less dominated the game following Cristiano Ronaldo’s goal at 26minutes and capped it with Lampards goal at 45minutes.   I thought Joe Cole was quite effective throughout, but  Hargreaves, Rooney and Carrick didn’t seem to be very energetic.   However, given the number of chances in which Chelsea failed to capitalise ( you can only hit the post and out so many times) kudos to Man U for their win.  There’s always next year.

Manchester United 1, Chelsea FC 1.   Manchester United 6-5 on penalty kicks.

around canada – part 2 (toronto zoo)

Not really around the world, but for the two fierce creatures, it might as well have been.   On Sunday afternoon, after a day’s work in refurbishing the deck, SWMBO, the fierce creatures and I headed off to the big smoke with the intent of introducing the littlest to his hero the Elephant. 

Some folks can’t stand the idea of zoo’s and to tell the truth, I’m a little conflicted as well.  I don’t, as a rule, support the travelling circuses with their animal acts, and I suppose I could be challenged on my support for the zoo.  I guess I come down on the side that on the whole, if one is going to be a captive animal, better to be in the hands of a professional zookeeper (and in particular those at the Metro Toronto Zoo) than under the care of a travelling circus. 

Regardless, junior fierce creature was absolutely mesmerised by the Elephant(s) and I think they helped cement their status as the paramount beasts in his world as they both ambled over towards the crowds.  I think we must have spent about a half hour or so viewing them.  Sure the hippos and rhinos were neat, but nothing beat the Elephants. 

Meanwhile elder fierce creature has graduated to the slimy and crawling beats and was quite nonchalant about anything quite so dull as a mammal with stripes and claws – sorry tigers – you just don’t cut it anymore.  But if you’re a snake, spider, venemous toad or voracious fish you’ve got his vote.  About the only thing that would have made the day completely satisfying for him is if one of his favourite killers had been doing the deed.