Off to the dustbins of history with you my little apparatchiks….

Is there some contest to see how silly a complaint Canada’s human-rights commissions will try to take seriously, asks the Montreal Gazette.    But hey, when all of the world’s problems can be distilled down to whether the state can enforce comedy, or whether restaurants must simultaneously comply with sanitation codes yet reserve the ‘right’ for  employees to decide as they see fit to wash their hands, how much sillier can it get?   Quite a bit more apparently.   The problem, of course is that for the victim – and I mean the poor sap dragged through the process – it isn’t silly.  It is often downright Kafkaesque; arbitrary, vicious and entirely an affront to common law. 
Time to see off these cheerless, soulless, fun crushing taxpayer-funded parasitical ‘offices’.  Write to your MP (and MLA’s for the provincial counterparts) and demand that Canada’s Human Rights Commission be shuttered and their commissars put out to pasture.

remembrance day – hijacked

imagesIt seems that the discredited Canadian Human Rights Commission is striving to regain its public image by laying a wreath at the national ceremonies of rememberance.  In their press release, the CHRC spouts absolute crap: 

“The wreath will be placed by Chief Commissioner Jennifer Lynch, Q.C, to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Throughout our history, Canadian soldiers have served to promote and protect human rights and freedoms and to uphold universal values of dignity and justice. The Commission will pay special tribute to honour the men and women who have served so valiantly to uphold Canada’s commitment to universal dignity and justice – values that transcend cultures and traditions.”

My grandfather (1892 – 1976 / East Yorks and CGA) sure as hell did not ‘serve to promote and protect human rights’ at least not as they are imagined by the CHRC.  He fought to ensure that the Kaiser’s soldiers didn’t get to retain the swath of Europe they had laid hold of and waste to.  He was a true soldier of the Empire and post mondern ‘institutions’ such as the United Nations and self serving clubs such as the CHRC, he had nothing but contempt for. 

This attempt to hijack history and turn the sacrifice of our soldiers into some sort of homage to the UN is disgusting and must not be allowed to stand.  Contact your MP and the Minister for Veterans Affairs.

roos to you – “guilty”

When the definitive history of the trudeaupian experiment known as Canada is written some many years hence, experts will wonder how it was exactly that marsupials came to rule the country.   Largely incapable of independent thought and without opposable thumbs they were able to somehow infiltrate Canadian society and take over in little over thirty years.   Of course since they weren’t exactly capable of discernment, they only needed to learn one word – “guilty”.  They found it worked for almost every occasion.

Ezra Levant has the story.

Cartoon: Go get it