….nanny state has got to nanny

Sigh.  But even more disturbing is our civil society slouching towards one in which anonymous complaints galvanize an entire ministry into punishing a parent, who by all accounts, is raising the kinds of kids we want.


Off to the dustbins of history with you my little apparatchiks….

Is there some contest to see how silly a complaint Canada’s human-rights commissions will try to take seriously, asks the Montreal Gazette.    But hey, when all of the world’s problems can be distilled down to whether the state can enforce comedy, or whether restaurants must simultaneously comply with sanitation codes yet reserve the ‘right’ for  employees to decide as they see fit to wash their hands, how much sillier can it get?   Quite a bit more apparently.   The problem, of course is that for the victim – and I mean the poor sap dragged through the process – it isn’t silly.  It is often downright Kafkaesque; arbitrary, vicious and entirely an affront to common law. 
Time to see off these cheerless, soulless, fun crushing taxpayer-funded parasitical ‘offices’.  Write to your MP (and MLA’s for the provincial counterparts) and demand that Canada’s Human Rights Commission be shuttered and their commissars put out to pasture.

no taxation without representation

seventy billion people on earth – where are they hiding?*

cctvInternet game that awards points for people spotting real crimes on CCTV is branded ‘snooper’s paradise’.   Who will watch the watchers?

One more reason to avoid merry olde england…..

the money quote: 

‘There are more than four million cameras in the UK so everybody is on camera already, it is just that no one is watching the cameras.’

Players collect points by watching the cameras, which show CCTV images in real-time, and click a button every time they see something suspicious taking place.

*Bonus points for the name of the band and track with this post title as a sample…..