viral funkiness

Doing my part to add to the viral thingy….

Tel Aviv musician Kutiman, who styles himself as a “psychedelic funk architect” has designed and constructed a doozy of a musical mashup. His Internet album Thru You, consisting of remixed youtube music videos completely made out of remixed YouTube footage

more abandoned soviet nuclear goodies – who’d have thought?

russian-atomic-lighthouseRegardless whether you subscribe to AGW and the whole carbon tax weirdness, the Goracle and his crew are sometimes on to something, even if it is the wrong thing.   Namely, humans seem to have this unique penchant for not leaving well enough alone, and when we don’t we get this sort of thing.

Apparently up in the Russian arctic circle there is at least one (and likely more) abandoned nuclear powered lighthouse – just how much toxic junk is actually littered around the planet?

Beautiful, creepy [think of how many residents of the gulags died to build this] and forgotten.

that’s right, junior is a gadget geek

wowwee-spyballIn an ideal world where money was a mere detail, I would be a little bit stupid for geeky gadgets.  Probably comes from being exposed to lego at an early age.  I’m not sure what I would do with a spyball, but I imagine I could have some fun.

With the advent of such cool tech driven ideas such as ultrinsic [below] , it seems I was born about twenty years too late – sigh….

cans for comments – g’head – ya know ya wanna….


Update:   Junior will match the total tally one for one….

What an excellent idea!  Along the lines of the originators, comments left at this post until 19 Dec 2008 will earn one canned food item also to a local Kingston food bank.

Its cheap, its easy – Join in the fun – copy the image, place it on your blog and link back to the originator

Now, how many cans of sauerkraut can I pack into my luggage and through customs?


Dec 16:  Tally = 4 Cans

how cool is this?

I don’t know any amputees, I hope no one I know ever suffers an accident resulting in amputation, but should it happen, Dean Kamen, inventor of the Segway, may have the solution. This guy has been thinking about it for some time and has come up with a very sophisticated prosthetic arm – think bionic man, but instead of remaining as bad 1970s television fiction, it is now within reach, and markets being what they are will likely plummet in cost before long.

Kamen’s arm, dubbed “Luke” (after Skywalker, I assume), is an incredibly sophisticated bit of engineering that’s lightyears ahead of the clamping “claws” that many amputees are forced to use today. The arm is fully articulated, giving the user the same degrees of movement as a natural arm, and is sensitive enough to pick up a piece of paper, a wineglass or even a grape without mishap.