around the world – part 27.3 (bavarian second breakfast – do-over)

13 April 2008:

It is 0915hrs and anticipation is building – less than two hours to go until Weiss-wurst, Bretze and Weizen – truly one of the best (possibly accidental?) combinations of food groups ever discovered.   Later, a quick blast up the autobahn to Wurzburg to view another of the apparently limitless supply of historic places.

More later……

al gore, the peoples I.T. guy

If this doesn’t make you laugh until you pee, then you are souless and probably a card carrying member of the Liberal Party of Canada..

Did you know that the new free Laika the Space Dog Browser (aka Firefox in non-socialist sectors) allows you to send email without having to stick a stamp to the monitor?

– Al Gore, People’s Inventor

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polar bears eat fish! quick, fetch a hankie for the enviro weenies

Update:  One of my favourite bloggers also comments:

“…And it seems that the Green Party has complained.  Um….HE’S A POLAR BEAR!  ….It also should be noted that Knut’s normal diet does not consist of tofu…”


Knut the Polar Bear did the unspeakable the other day; he killed and ate some fish [that’s just plain mean!] which were minding their own business swimming in the moat which separates him from his preferred prey – frightened primates gathered to stare at him in the Berlin Zoo. 

Well, he probably did kill them just for fun.  Knut’s idea of a tasty morsel is a baby harp seal (Phoca brigittebardoticus).  So I presume fish would be like, well, sprinkles.  And who hasn’t dipped a wet fingertip in a cookie bag to get a nice coating of the sprinkles that migrate to the bottom?  Just for fun, you know.

Now I agree that disemboweling live fish may seem crude to the Western envirophilicus effeteicus eye, but Knut is from a different culture.  A culture where bloodlust is the highest good.  And who are we to judge?

So lighten up on Knut, OK?  Unless Al Gore is able to destroy modern civilization and the global energy economy, poor old Knut may be the ursine equivalent of the Last of the Mohicans.  Or so they say.  “They” being, of course, the panty-wetting greentards.

via:  Secular Apostate.

best sentence i read today

“….This debate is about laws that will remorselessly choke the life out of our liberal democracy if left in place, and any discussion of them needs to be as impassioned as possible….”


If you think that the Canadian Human Rights Commission and its various provincial counterparts have gone too far in limiting free speech, then contact Member of Parliament, Keith Martin or your own constituency MP. 

Want to know more?  Start at Ezra Levant’s site and continue on to Mark Steyn and plenty of others for the complete backstory [not a complete list of links – but you will quickly discover more].

around the world – part 27.1 (ulmer munster)

April 06 2008:

Ulmer MunsterAnd so… back in Germany again and not content with having blasted my knees and thighs the last time, I foolishly decide that climbing the steeple of the Cathedral Church (fixed) at Ulm might be a good idea again – this time accompanied by Edward the Corgi.   Apparently time not only heals wounds, it conceals stupidity from those who should ought to notice. 

For those who have never been, the Cathedral church at Ulm is possessed of the highest steeple of any church anywhere.  It is also a bit of a fitness challenge, since one can climb to within about 80 feet of the pinnacle via a series of twisting corkscrew stair cases – 786 steps in all.  I don’t care who you are, climbing 503 feet is as good a cardiovascular workout as you will ever experience.  The last 100 feet or so to the tiny balcony surrounding the steeple peak is via a central stair case which is not only open to the elements it is nerve wrackingly narrow – not for those with a minor fear of heights.

However, should you wish to skip the whole climbing bit, a tour of the church itself is not without it’s attractions.  It is currently undergoing some considerable repair work, but this is mainly confined to the exterior and does not mar the interior. Orgeln von Ulmer Munster

To get there:

via car from Greding:  Join the A9 south towards Munich, take exit 64 onto the B300 towards Augsburg.  Approximately 60km SW towards the A8.  Join the A8 just east of Augsburg, continue west on the A8 towards Stuttgart.  Take B10 south towards Ulm, about 12km follow signs for ‘stadtmitte’.  The parkhaus am Rathaus is quite close and cost 2euro for about 3hours parking on a Sunday.

if you haven’t been reading michael totten

then start by going there now.

The Liberation of Karmah, Part II…

“…..Al Qaeda in Iraq did in Karmah what they have done everywhere else – intimidated and murdered civilians into submission.  They decapitated police officers and placed severed heads all over the city. They destroyed the homes of anyone who opposed them…”

“……Explosive Ordnance Disposal teams detonate found IEDs and caches of weapons every day. Karmah is so secure now that even hyper-cautious Marine sergeants are sure there’s nothing to worry about when they hear gunshots and explosions. It’s not even a mop-up in Karmah anymore. It’s a clean-up….”

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