the beautiful game 2017-2018 edition

Get your fantasy EPL team up and running!

Leaving aside the momentary attention that world media have paid to soccer on account of the Neymar Jr madness, its time for the English Premier League and Bundesliga!   And while the EPL is just finishing game week two, I don’t really start paying attention until the summer transfer window closes August 31st, as by then the squads will have been finalised (at least until the January transfer window opens).

Still:  After two games Arsenal on three points with an opening win against Leicester, and a narrow loss against Stoke.  Until the Alexis Sanchez saga is concluded one way or another and Arsene Wenger makes up his mind about a couple of other players, I make no predictions.

And:  After one game, Bayern continues a run of opening week wins, this year against Bayer Leverkusen.

All is good.

the beautiful game (fc bayern munich)

May 8 2010 HEY HEY BAYERN!

Now, on to the UEFA final!


Update:  19 March 2010:  EUFA Final 8 Draw, FCB vs ManU.   On balance, and it pains me to do so, I might have to give the edge to Rooney’s crowd.

Thieves, Thieves, Thieves“, shout Fiorentina fans, and they may well be right especially with the controversial offside non-call in round one of the group of 16 – but who cares;  Bayern is through 4-4 aggregate on away goals to the UEFA quarter finals and at home has earned top spot in the Bundesliga standings.  Looking ahead to match day 32 which conveniently coincides with my next trip…..

around the world – part 42.1 (the beautiful game, FC bayern edition)

02 Feb 2010:  Upperdate – apparently if one refers to a football club incorrectly, watch for the sudden spike in traffic.  Apologies to those who follow TSV 1860 Bayern, and thanks to those who corrected me. 


In which Junior goes to a Bundesliga Game. 

Undoubtedly there are sports writers much more eloquent than I who could provide a readable summary of the game, say for instance on, or – instead here are my thoughts about the entire experience. 

We ( a US colleague and I) departed Greding just after noon on a motor coach filled with semi drunk German soccer fans for what would normally be only an  hour long trip.  Unfortunately just 5km down the autobahn we came up against the back end of a colossal weather induced ‘stau’ (traffic jam – which we later learned was stopped for at least three hours).  Fortunately the parade of brake lights in front alerted the driver and tour leader to the lengthening jam ahead and our driver wisely dived off the motorway onto snow covered local roads where we continued on at a somewhat slower pace south towards Ingolstadt and then back onto the autobahn.  However while this slowed us considerably, we succeeded in avoiding the jam.  For the remainder of the inbound trip, traffic on the autobahn consisted of nearly equal parts soccer fans, Polish upper middle class families heading south to ski the alps and long suffering locals just trying to get home from Saturday shopping.  Consequently we arrived about an hour later than planned, but still with plenty of time to find beer and pretzels. As an aside, staying in a little town at a family owned hotel, where the staff knows you by name pays off in little things, such as the hotel owner’s son making all the arrangements for us to obtain tickets and transportation, – all paid through the front desk – and introductions with our tour host.  They made us very welcome, treating us to beer on the bus and asking kindly when we might be back.  It turns out that at home vs Hannover 96 could fit very nicely with my next trip. Continue reading

the beautiful game (Bayern Munchen version)

Update 19 Dec 2009

5-2 vs  Hertha, and a UEFA CL draw against Fiorentina.   Doom and gloom banished.   Third place (9-6-2)  in the standings with momentum…


Update 13 Dec 2009

5-1 vs Bochum.  Thats three points to the good!  Now 8-6-2 in the standings.


Update 12 Dec 2009

7-6-2 in Bundesliga 1 – climbing up to number four with a sniff at Champions League qualifying (2010 season) with a win over Bochum today.


Update 08 Dec 2009: 

Through to the knockout stages of UEFA Champions League with a 4-1  drubbing of Juventus.  That’s more like it!


Update Nov 06 2009:

5-4-2 with a game tommorrow against FC Schalke 04 in Munich.  Need a win lads.



Updated Oct 29 2009:

That’s better – or at least moving in the right direction. Bayern Munchen 5-3-2. Now on 18 points, they’re within a sniff of qualifiying for the Champions League.

Updated Oct 10 2009:

Sigh.  8th overall in the league standings.  Bayern Munchen 3-3-2


Update Aug 30 2009:

Seems like Arjen Robben delivered.  Two goals vs Vfl Wolfsburg.  Bayern Munchen 1-2-1. 


Aug 28 2009:

fc-bayernWorst league start in 43 years 0-2-1; and

I guess they had to do something.  Is it the right thing though?