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commentsHello and welcome to Junior’s Annex, the weblog of a travelling canadian.  If you want to know more about me then go here.   I generally have an open policy on commenting, however because some folks simply can’t  behave in a civilized fashion, not everyone will have their comments posted.  Why?  Read on:

  • Comments are held for moderation, unless I know you or have come to believe that you will consistently comment in a thoughtful and polite manner – in which case your comments go through unmoderated;
  • There is (for now) only one moderator on the Annex, so I apologise if I don’t get to your comments immediately.  Sometimes I am in the air from point to point, while at other times I am simply enjoying family time and not checking the blog for activity;
  • The AKISMET spam filter is in effect – thus some comments may disappear into the memory hole based on words, phrases, and/or links;
  • Things that will get your comment deleted or heavily edited:
    • Vulgar language, or links to sites that promote it – particularly porn or gaming sites;
    • Links to commercial websites that are not relevant to the discussion;
    • Internet phantoms who have cryptic handles, no name, and no real email address will be deleted;
    • Trolls, flame-bait, personal attacks, and other detritus that add nothing to further the discussion may get deleted, take that personally if you wish, but all deletions are final.
  • A real working email address that you own (as a commenter) is required.   False or misleading email addresses may earn banishment; and finally
  • You are responsible for your own words.

Thanks for visiting – Junior

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