around the world – part 29.5 (schlossed in lohrbach)

One of the coolest things about Europe and Germany in particular is that they have plenty of these:

In particular the Wasserschloss Lohrbach located approximately 8km north of Mosbach Germany in the Neckar Valley.   An abandoned wreck as late as the 1980s, it has been painstakingly brought back to life, largely through the efforts of Herr Klaus Weber and offers five unique vacation appartments to those willing to deviate from the path well travelled. 

The fierce creatures with parental units and aged grandparents in tow greatly enjoyed our stay at Lohrbach.  The appartments are very spacious and both luxurious and slightly romantic – highly recommended for anyone with an appreciation of history – check out the masons marks on the curved stairwell leading to the third floor appartment.


How to get there:  From Frankfurt – take the A5 south to the junction of A6 near Heidelburg, east on A6 to exit 37.  North approximately 30km on B27 towards Mosbach follow signs for Mosbach centrum and follow signs for 292 north towards Lohrbach.  Once in Lohrbach stay on the main road through town until you have almost exited to the west.  Just prior to leaving town, the main road curves right uphill – at the curve you will notice a narrow laneway between two houses which leads through an iron gate and into the forecourt.

around the world – part 29.1 (we take bavaria by storm)


A while ago I asked SWMBO if we ought to repeat our 2006 experience and launch ourselves towards Germany with tout le famile.  One positive response later, airline tickets procured and lodgings reserved, we found ourselves with a mountain of baggage, two kids and grandparental units squeezed into a FIAT van of some variety** departing Frankfurt Airport* towards Beilngries, Bavaria.   Beilngries is another of those picturesque (though not quite so much as Greding) towns dotted throughout lower Bavaria and blessed with a lovely valley setting. 

Our vacation home (ferienhaus Am Arzberg) , located at the south edge of town was absolutely perfect.  A renovated three bedroom house on one acre of hillside property complete with swimming pool, it was the base of operations for the next two weeks.  While the house itself is a little difficult to find the first time around, I fully recommend anyone looking for a relaxing vacation home in lower Bavaria to consider this property.  From here we explored the falconry at Schloss Rosenburg at Riedenburg, the Klosters Weltenburg (for the beer of course) and a couple of trips into Ingolstadt.

Next:  Obertraun.

How to get there:

  • By Air from Canada:  AC874 YUL to FRA, or AC846 from YYZ to MUC.  If you have a choice, take the Toronto – Munich run as the Franz Joseph Strauss airport is far superior to Frankfurt, and is also quite a bit closer.
  • By Car from Frankfurt:  Autobahn A3 east towards Wurzburg and on to Nuremberg and then A9 south towards Munich leaving A9 at exit 58 Kinding.  Turn left underneath the autobahn continue staight on for about 11km, following signs for Beilngries. 
  • By Car from Munich:  leaving the airport onto A92 east, join A9 at Kreuz Neufahrn and head north towards Nuremberg.  Leave the A9 at exit 58 Kinding.  Turn left and continue straight on as above.



* quite possibly my least favourite airport in the world

** A Fiat Ulysse.  The reason FIATs aren’t sold in North America (and thank god for that!) are that they are quite possibly some of the most annoying vehicles ever built.  Lots of non-intuitive gidgets and gadgets located in all the wrong places performing marginal tasks, all mated to a thrashy engine on milquetoast chassis.   Never Buy One.

why aren’t the little dears in school? (thou shalt believe!)

Oh wait….that’s where they probably were brainwashed* in the first place.   Clearly what will improve our society is to train the little darlings to rat out their parents and denounce them for “environmental crimes’.

I guess my appointment with the re-education camp is coming sooner than I realise…..

*     I Like this quote I dislike this quote“Give us the child for 8 years and it will be a Bolshevik forever”.  Lenin.