let me change that headline for you

Ontario Liberal Party desperate for re-election throw Green Energy Act under the bus.

In other news, the NDP still don’t get it.

“There seems to be a growing disinterest on the part of the Liberals to actually invest in green energy. I think that may well lock us out of where the rest of the world is going in terms of energy technology,” said MPP Peter Tabuns, the NDP energy critic at Queen’s Park.

….it Lives?

Several years ago I started blogging here, without much of a plan, without a particular agenda, simply a place to record thoughts from time to time. For a while I blogged regularly; but then life intruded – house, kids, pets, camps and so-on. Other blogs with much more eloquent authors posting much more frequently than me seemed to capture much of what held my interest and so slowly posts fell off, then disappeared altogether – for a long long time.

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