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David Suzuki would like to put politicians in jail if they disagree with his version of climate change, but instead he gets a well deserved spank – from Rex Murphy no less.  I love this guy!

But wherever we are on global warming, and on the models and theories supporting it, it is not yet The Truth, nor is it yet Science (with a capital S) as such. And to put a stay on our full consent to its more clamorous and particular alarms is not, pace Dr. Suzuki, either “ignoring science” or complicity in criminal endeavour. Nor is reasoned dissent or dispute, on some or all of the policy recommendations that global warming advocates insist flow, as night follows day, from their science.

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princemarshes.jpgFeb 10 2008:  Spending the kids college fund on books,

Prince of the Marshes – Rory Stewart. 

Update: just finished, and it strikes me that none of the arm chair warriors who second guessed just how long it ‘should’ have taken the US to rebuild Iraq paid any attention to just how corrupt, venal and absolutely feudal a society is Iraq.  Saddam simply appears to have normalized this way of life and in the absence of his totalitarian regime, things carried on in just as violent and but now chaotic fashion.  

 I am particularly looking forward to reading this as I had just finished “Places In Between“, a fantastic book purchased and read in honour of my uncle, Christopher Brown (1944 – 2008). 

The Hidden War – Artyom Borovik.  Just as soon as I complete Stewart, above, I intend to launch into this particular gem. 


Jan 20 2008:  Juniors transatlantic reading,
savage-century.jpgI am about a third of the way through this very interesting book. Delpech treads the ‘those who fail to heed history are doomed to repeat it’ path but with strong arguments rooted in the recent European experience. Very compelling. More to follow.

Grateful thanks to Mrs Junior for an excellent Christmas gift.

Jan 04 2008:  The Christmas Book Fairy was very good to Junior,

Savage Century (see below)

The Bottom Billion (also below)

Fifteen Days– Christie Blatchford

Villa Air-Bel – Rosemary Sullivan

The Mess They Made – Gwynne Dyer


Dec 01 2007:  Junior’s TransAtlantic Readings

Nature Girl– Carl Hiaasen 


 Nov 14 2007: If Junior had any spare change, he’d be buying these:

Discovery Of France – Graham Robb;

Savage Century: Back to Barbarism– Therese Delpech

The God That Failed– David Engerman

The Bottom Billion: Why the poorest countries are failing and what can be done about it – Paul Collier

Gates of Fire– Steven Pressfield


Nov 12 2007: Juniors Current Reading:

mudblood.jpgI usually have about two or three books on the go at any one time.  Just finished reading Mud Blood and Poppycock by Gordon Corrigan. A very compelling revisit of some of the accepted wisdom surrounding the Great War for Civilization.    For anyone with a general  interest in military history, or of the First World War specifically I would recommend this.

On the go: 

 ‘The Death and Life of Great American Cities‘ – Jane Jacobs; and

Flashman and the Dragon‘ – George MacDonald Fraser.  One of my all-time favourite authors; and I do like the new cover art.

around canada – part 1 (the big smoke)

Quite a few people I know seem to like Toronto –  I’m not really sure why – but to each his own.  Recently I found myself at the centre of the universe and have formed the following opinions:

  • Toronto Taxi drivers are a brave and foolhardy lot;
  • No matter how far you wish to go, it takes a minimum of at least half an hour to get there;
  • Why aren’t there more subways?
  • Why isn’t there a train to Pearson Airport?
  • The Maple Leafs will not win the Stanley cup in my lifetime.