ant farm or acreage

June 16 2010:  House bought, moving begins friday.  Blogging has been nearly non-existant of late as I pack the fourth dimension house into too few boxes.  Amazing how much cr*p the family has accumulated in a few short years.


Apr 13 2010:  Agent selected, listing begins soon and then let the circus begin.   Over the past several days I have received conflicting advice about how best to work with a real estate agent – maybe it’s the company I keep, but there does seem to be a high degree of suspicion regarding agents motives and their willingness to obtain the best price for you.  As one colleague commented, “if they can convince you to drop your price by $10k, all that is to them is $500 bucks”; the inference from this being that your agent only tries as hard as is necessary to sell the property, not necessarily obtaining the best price for you.  We’ll see.


Apr 07 2010:  And now the adventure begins – selecting a listing agent (throw darts at the wall – or go for a ‘name’), decluttering and tidying, chivvying the two fierce creatures into cleaning their rooms on a regular basis (if nothing else this might actually have the effect of establishing a habit – ha!) and devoting the evening hours of the coming weeks to tramping through countless houses until the magic ‘one’ is discovered.


Feb 27 2010:  Lately Herself has been bitten by the ‘it’s time to move’ bug and it seems that Junior has become far more familiar with the real estate listings than he might otherwise care to be.  Having arrived more or less at a figure sufficiently large enough to consider a range of neighbourhoods, the next step seems to be, well which neighbourhood?

We seem to agree on most everything we want in a new  (to us) house – bedrooms, kitchen amenities and so on –  but get rather tangled up when trying to determine whether living cheek by jowl beside other folks, or removing ourselves to some acreage surrounding the city is preferable.  Personally I would love to settle onto a little country property and hang the commuting expense, but then reality intrudes.  Things like getting to work, getting the heir and the spare to their various recreational pursuits impose themselves upon my desires.  Meanwhile, Herself wants the ‘perfect’ house situated in the kind of neighbourhood which will retain lasting appeal. 

At any rate, all of this agonizing has brought me to think about my own neighbourhood, its charms and drawbacks.  Undoubtedly there are features unique to each Kingston ‘village’; what do you like most about yours?  What does your area possess that others don’t?   Why do you live where you live?