….drill, baby drill

Apparently, we can’t drill or way out of recession, or something the Smartest President Ever  once said.   

Also, Julian Simon.


….The question is,” said Alice, “whether you can make words mean so many different things”

If you have spent quite a few sums of money to convince the dirty proles that their behaviour is unbecoming, but the ungrateful mingers won’t change, then by all means simply redefine your terms…..

We know who you are. We know were you live….

May I recommend some reading for Mr ‘Gene from Greenpeace’?  Do pick up Arthur Koestler’s ‘Darkness at Noon’, not so much out of sympathy for fictional victim, rather it will very nicely demonstrate to you how to run show trials…..

Dear GreenPeace,

The true sign of a failed belief system is when its adherents, having failed to persuade the populace by reasoned debate, resort instead to violence. It matters not if we are speaking of the millions who died under Communism’s jackboot while their economy disintegrated, or of those murdered by Fascists determined to establish order through racial superiority, or of the brutal repression of the Dark Ages or of Islamic extremists raising their children to become suicide bombers.

Odd, when I donated to MSF they didn’t have to resort to threats to convince me……