dream big, execute frugally

In a previous post I was less than complimentary about the lukewarm efforts Kingston has implemented to become a bicycle friendly community.  Full disclosure:  I am ambivalent about the whole idea, as for the most part policy seems to have been outsourced to car hating activist led single issue groups, but given that the city has embraced the spirit, if not the practice, perhaps they might consider a few easily implemented ideas to further the vision.

Covered bicycle shelters.   Assuming the city means to increase the number of cyclists, bicycleshelterought it to prioritize covered bicycle shelters?   Failure to consider, let alone implement, such an easy and relatively cheap* piece of infrastructure does bring their commitment under suspicion.    Nearly every European city of similar size to Kingston prioritizes multi-modal transit, and includes  covered bicycle racks proximate to bus and regional rail lines.   Accepting that our intercity bus and rail lines have been exiled to the suburban hinterlands, what has prevented the city from building such infrastructure at or near the Kingston Transit downtown transfer point, or at the newly renovated Cat Center transfer point?

Water Refill Stations.  Emplace water refill stations at key locations downtown, along the K&P trail, and at periodic points along bikeways as they are developed.

Signage and Signals. Drivers and cyclists need clear unambiguous signs and traffic signals indicating priorities, directions and safety measures.  Likewise and similar to transit maps, cycle network maps need to be established along key cycling routes.  Such maps, and indeed the infrastructure itself, could be made more prominent by applying names and colours to the routes in the network.


*cheap being a relative concept, costs should be compared against infrastructure built for other modes of transportation.


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