the beautiful game (Bayern Munchen version)

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December 19, 2009 by juniorannex

Update 19 Dec 2009

5-2 vs  Hertha, and a UEFA CL draw against Fiorentina.   Doom and gloom banished.   Third place (9-6-2)  in the standings with momentum…


Update 13 Dec 2009

5-1 vs Bochum.  Thats three points to the good!  Now 8-6-2 in the standings.


Update 12 Dec 2009

7-6-2 in Bundesliga 1 – climbing up to number four with a sniff at Champions League qualifying (2010 season) with a win over Bochum today.


Update 08 Dec 2009: 

Through to the knockout stages of UEFA Champions League with a 4-1  drubbing of Juventus.  That’s more like it!


Update Nov 06 2009:

5-4-2 with a game tommorrow against FC Schalke 04 in Munich.  Need a win lads.



Updated Oct 29 2009:

That’s better – or at least moving in the right direction. Bayern Munchen 5-3-2. Now on 18 points, they’re within a sniff of qualifiying for the Champions League.

Updated Oct 10 2009:

Sigh.  8th overall in the league standings.  Bayern Munchen 3-3-2


Update Aug 30 2009:

Seems like Arjen Robben delivered.  Two goals vs Vfl Wolfsburg.  Bayern Munchen 1-2-1. 


Aug 28 2009:

fc-bayernWorst league start in 43 years 0-2-1; and

I guess they had to do something.  Is it the right thing though?


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