signs of common sense?

global_warming_god_180_2Australian Senate defeats a cap and trade bill 42-30.  Ian Plimer, almost soley responsible for changing the debate from the ‘science is settled’, to one of common sense – at least in Australia.    The tone deaf climate warming alarmist cheerleaders won’t likely change their tune here in Canada. 

Some money quotes:

“Climatology suffers from the same fads, fashions, dictators, and fraud that other fields of endeavor enjoy. In order to be funded well, climatology needs to be fashionable, and it is. The fundamental causes have been known for a long time, but predictions are only based on computer models that have very incomplete input. The IPCC models of 1990 and 1995 did not predict the 1998 El Nino nor the 21st-century cooling. So how can we use these to predict climate a century in advance?… The models have been spectacularly wrong, yet they are still used with no humility….

“Environmentalism has many of the hallmarks of failed European socialism and Western (failed) Christianity. It has a holy book which few have read (IPCC reports), has prophets (Gore) who cannot be challenged, relies on dogma, ignores contrary evidence, has armies of wide-eyed missionaries…; imposes guilt, has a catastrophist view of the planet, and seeks indulgences.”


2 thoughts on “signs of common sense?

  1. I can appreciate that some people think climate change is a farce. With the limited temperature and CO2 data recorded over time, it’s easy to argue that climate change, and natural variation are normal, hence earth experiences events such as the Ice Ages. That said, even if you don’t believe that our old, dirty technologies have made the planet warmer/more polluted, you should still want to do right by the environment. I would rather use a green bin, buy a fuel efficient car, and practice conservation than risk polluting everything we need to survive.

  2. Ah, yes. I too believe one should look after this little rock which sustains us – hence recycling, composting, reel mowers and so on. Which I wholeheartedly participate in – voluntarily and without busybodies trying to tell me that I am a guilty earth killing b*stard and that I must somehow ‘pay’ for it through a specious ‘cap and trade’ plan which is supposed to ameliorate AGW. AGW is a hoax propagated by snakeoil salesmen the likes of the Goracle, D. Suzuik and E May. It is now taking on aspects of a delirious religion – all based on disputed theory – proseltyzed by the above shamans, who whilst trying to guilt us and governments into crippling our economies, jet around the world and live in houses far grander than you or I.

    By all means vote for parties spouting this inanity – just never complain when your taxes go through the roof to support junk science and the variety of heartwarming yet useless pet projects it spawns. Return to this comment in a year or so and tell me if your electricity delivery charges have increased considerably more than [1% – Dalton McGinty] to support Ontario Hydro’s ‘green’ plan. I’ll bet you won’t be able to turn off enough lights to make up the difference in your [tax] increase.

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