was this the change you were looking for?

obama_index_august_17_2009The wheels on the bus are falling off…..I think that little green squiggly line is not supposed to be trending downward. Maybe it’s because as VDH says:

“Obama spends more money on himself than did Bush. The liberal Congress has a strange fondness for pricy private jets. Those environmentalists and racialists who lecture us about our ecological and ethical shortcomings prefer Martha’s Vineyard and country estates to Dayton and Bakersfield. Offering left-wing populist sermonizing for others while enjoying the high life oneself is never a winning combination.”


Related:  Even during the depths of their sponsorship salad days the Lieberals didn’t quite have the gall to slather party logos all over their efforts, however down south things are looking a little too much like it’s all about me…….

The cult of personality continues.


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