around the world – part 39.1 (middle of everywhere)

July 18 2009:

Downtown KC

Downtown KC

Recession?  What recession?   If there is trouble in the heartland, it sure is difficult to tell.   I am not denying that things have fallen off a bit, but perhaps all of the gnashing of teeth and rending of cloth seen and heard on big media these days is because the downturn is being felt mostly on the coasts and in the manufacturing states.   Here in KC, with acres of parking lots, sweltering heat, platoons of SUVs and pickup trucks conducting tailgate parties there doesn’t seem to be much evidence of a bust.

Once again Junior finds himself on the road, only this time for three weeks(!), enjoying the sights and sounds of Kansas City.  More to follow….. 

How to get there:

By air from YYZ on AC 8029, a cramped regional jet, about two hours into MCI.  Collect bags; out to the curb to board the shuttle to the central car rental centre, and then off to the hotel. 

Here’s some UFI on MCI:  the good citizens of Kansas City would dearly love the airport code to be changed to KCI – and indeed on the highway signs, it is referred to as such, but the official airport code remains MCI.  When it was built, it was known as the Mid Continent International – hence MCI.  Additionally the letters K and W are reserved as the initial letters for radio and television stations and despite lobbying by city officials, KC has been refused permission to change the airport designation.


2 thoughts on “around the world – part 39.1 (middle of everywhere)

  1. We’re not in Kansas anymore. Sorry, but I couldn’t resist. Have you had any difficulty locating nutritious food down south? A friend of mine went on a 4 month road trip, and gained at least 20 pounds from an absence of leafy greens.

  2. To sum up the prevailing attitude around here, “salad is what food eats”. So yes, once you have hacked your way through the mountains of ribs, pulled pork, brisket and other dead animals, you will notice sitting rather forlornly off to the side a tiny little cup of coleslaw. Your daily ration of ‘nutriious’ food.

    I have taken to eating at the local thai restaurant, as it actually has fresh veg.

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