on third crossings and other mythical beasts

So – the other day I attended an information session about the Environmental Assessment to be conducted for the City of Kingston regarding spanning the ditch which separates eastern realms from the rest of KTown.   Truth be told, I was expecting perhaps a formal presentation with Q&A, however at this stage it turns out it was a little premature.  Of course that seems to the story of the oft sighted but rarely captured third crossing.

I am reliably informed by those who have lived in these parts that periodically over the last several years (decades?) various Lords Mayor and other worthies consider offering the denizens of Pittsburgh Township the opportunity to become fully realised citizens of the realm if only they would accept a bridge or some such crossing – or perhaps its the other way around, with the rebellious eastern citizenry clamouring to share with their western neighbours, the opportunity and delight of  having their shock absorbers destroyed amongst the potholes of Brock Street and the like.  Sadly, all of these previous efforts have come to naught; relegating the elusive beast to the realm of conjecture.   What seems to be lacking ( a singularly Kingstonian attribute it seems, regarding other ventures as well) is willpower.

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The city of Kingston retains a repository of materials which I will not replicate here.  However given that I am on occasion cynical enough to question the motives of our political masters, some clarification regarding the specifics of the third crossing might be in order:

  • What assumptions regarding funding, disposition of the LaSalle causeway and so on exist and how do they affect the options under consideration?  (Note:  despite appearances to the contrary – public ‘consultations’ and other feel good exercises, the city has already produced instructions which all but eliminate any of the other options presented at last night’s information session, as being under consideration.  In my line of work, we call that situating the estimate….(pg 7-10)


  • What criteria will be used to evaluate options?  (I am given to understand that there are Ontario Government criteria that pertain at least to the EA process;


  • What weighting (and who precisely gets to set the weighting) will apply to the above criteria?


  • Does any of this even matter as the entire process is pretty much a sham and will either (a) never be completed due to a staggering lack of will, or (b) there is only one option under serious consideration and it when it is eventually built it will be for the maximum benefit of commercial property owners in the vicinity of Division and John Counter and thus the desires of eastern citizens are moot?

3 thoughts on “on third crossings and other mythical beasts

  1. Oh Junior, for shame, oh yea of little faith. You sound like you’ve lived in Kingston for decades…….in fact……..you………sound……….(horror of horrors), just………..(dare I say it?)………………….like………………me. Mythical beast indeed. But other than that, was the meeting fun?

  2. I saw an article last fall that showed that a third crossing has been talked about for more than 100 years. It crops up again every couple of decades, but never really goes anywhere. This is the farthest that I’ve ever seen the process go and I was born here. As with every other project that the city “consults” the public on, I suspect that the whole process is a sham and they already have the plans carved in stone.

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