around the world – part 36.2 (kennedy space center)

piloting the 'whale'

piloting the 'whale'

March 29 2009:

Hard on the heels of Human Achievement Hour, and with Edward the Corgi at the wheel, Junior and colleagues piled into the ‘whale’ and headed east into a light rain towards the Kennedy Space Centre.   Armed with one dollar bills and a small ransom in coin we bolted from toll plaza to plaza, inefficiently adding our highway ‘rent’ to the Florida state treasury in terrifically short intervals and, arriving eventually at our destination, home to the spaceport and not coincidentally a quite entertaining tour experience.

I can state categorically that NASA has built a first class destination, simultaneously aimed at both youth and adults alike.   For those of you with small children – given the considerable amount of time spent queuing for tour buses, I would recommend waiting to visit until kids are in the 10 – 13 age range, as the centre is not optimised for little kids.  However, most kids should find the Shuttle Launch Experience to meet the  ‘son et lumiere’ quotient necessary to qualify for the cool factor.  Already planning for the two fierce creatures.

....light this candle....

....light this candle....

I think, though (unless you are present for an actual launch), the Apollo/Saturn V Centre must be considered the main attraction.  Complete with a Saturn Rocket, slick multimedia presentations, Apollo 11 control room and much more, this center captures in one place the complete history of mankind’s greatest achievement.  You can’t leave here without being impressed and just a little bit in awe at the audacity of those who to hurtled into space on top of a rocket guided by computers with less capability than exists in your cellphone.


Next:  Warbird Museum


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