nah, nah, nah-nah – hey hey – goodbye……

cbcWhile I don’t wish ill to the several hundred CBC employees to be axed, the sooner this dinosaur meets its asteroid, the better.   The mother corp has long since ceased to represent Canadians, rather forcing a vision of Canada which panders to a particular set of voters matched with barely disguised contempt for any political party other than the Liberals.   This coupled with amateurish and frankly embarrassing television content, is it any wonder that advertisers abandoned them in droves?    I for one can’t wait for the corpse to give its last shudder and expire.  Jay Currie summarises my feelings much better than I can write:

A billion a year to bring Canadians Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune.

10,000 employees (less today’s 800)…what could they possibly be doing. I mean if you are going to buy syndicated crap you pick up a phone and call the syndicator. Then you write a cheque. Even at government staffing levels that’s a five person job.

Bloated and stupid.

From time to time I’ve written about a clerisy – in the Arnold/Elliot sense. These are irritating people, convinced of their own literary and cultural superiority, the certain truth of AGW, the vileness of America (at least under Bush) and the virtue of Canada. While I may not like them very much, they were the bedrock base of a) CBC-2, b) the CBC in general. Not that they watched television you understand. While plenty other people listened to CBC-2 the clerisy actually saw it as important and, to a degree, went to bat to try to save it. They failed and, in their failure, eliminated the articulate defence of the CBC in general.


2 thoughts on “nah, nah, nah-nah – hey hey – goodbye……

  1. I have this wierd idea that people have every right in the world to listen/watch/do/buy whatever crap they want, as long as they pay for it (and it harms no one of course. If the people of Canada (or anywhere else for that matter) actually want the CBC then they (not me) should pay for it. Not one penny of public money to the CORPSE. (or anywhere else for that matter – bombardier/GM etc are you listening?), then cut the taxes and let people choose. Sink or swim baby. And quit ramming your crap down my throat and demanding I pay for it. THe word “free” should be stricken from the english (am I allowed to say that in Ontario?) language. In fact – am I allowed to say any of this out loud in Canada? This is actually fun. The next time I might actually think out what I want to say first!

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