around the world – part 35.5 (putten netherlands)

10 March 2009:

And so:  the Audi Nav system earns two strikes against it. (1) It calculated a time of approximately 6hours 20 minutes from Greding Germany to Putten Netherlands (approx 650km) when clearly it only took 5 hours 5 minutes including a 15 minute bio break.  (2)  According to Audi, Putten is ‘not on a digital map service’ which accounts for the declarative statement – ‘you have arrived at your destination’ when surrounded by fields rather than the welcoming embrace of a hotel bar.  “Trousers down, tackle out, Yah-boo sucks to you fritsie” (anyone ?  –first comment citing the source will earn a beer at Kingston Brew Pub) to  audi for producing a sub par nav system.  Still all is forgiven for delivering a very pleasant driving experience……


4 thoughts on “around the world – part 35.5 (putten netherlands)

  1. General Melchett indeed – although I think I actually mashed two favourite BA lines together there. Name your location and favourite poison.

  2. Yeah…that did make it difficult to ascertain. Let’s meet up after Easter (I am out of the country for a week starting this Sunday…and will be busy upon my return). I am pretty easy for locations…beer is beer…Brew Pub, Iron Duke…all good really. Oh…and thanks!

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