heavy rotation (recharging the ipod batteries)

Beast:  “Out of Control”

beast1Beast is an experimental union between the powerful and sensual voice of Beatrice Bonifassi and the dirty, in your face, beats of composer and drummer Jean-Phi Goncalves, both as Betty and Jean-Phi. After having wonderfully performed on the 2004 Oscar Winner Sound Track – The Triplettes de Belleville – Betty has joined since then her voice and her songwriter skills to Dj Champion to create, once again, a major impact on the local, national and international music industry. Betty’s uniquely textured voice charmed and inspired Jean-Phi, leader of Montreal’s new sensation band, Plaster. For his part, Jean-Phi has made eclecticism his own speciality. Lead drummer and original electro-jazz composer, he has taken part to many projects.  Read the review….


K-OS: “4-3-2-1”

Rediscovered:  INXS:  “Don’t Change”


2 thoughts on “heavy rotation (recharging the ipod batteries)

  1. I missed Beast live on CBC/Q, but I did download the podcast late saturday night. Fantastic stuff.

    All of these artists owe a lot to the CANCON of the 70s and 80s – quibble if you like about the place of Loverboy or Trooper, but if weren’t for the sometimes horrible Canadian rock I can’t imagine that we would have the confidence to produce bands like Beast or Controller Controller.

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