around the world – part 33.2 (free beer)


January 31, 2009 by juniorannex

Jan 30 2009:

img_0016I do like a good beer, and I especially like not having to pay* for it.  

Question: if Air Canada can offer Harp and Sleemans in their Maple Leaf Lounges why are we stuck with sludge like Molson Canadian and Heineken in flight?


*yes, I know I am paying for it in my ticket, however I like to delude myself into imagining it is everyone else on the flight who is buying my beer so to speak…


2 thoughts on “around the world – part 33.2 (free beer)

  1. I thought that AirCan offered Heinie as well? At first I thought that the answer had to do with foregn vs domestic, but Sleemans is Canadian.

  2. juniorannex says:

    I asked the flight attendant on board, and it turns out that the aircraft are serviced under a different contract than the lounges – thus the difference.
    To be clear – the international MLL at Pearson has Harp, Sleemans Clear, Guinness and Canadian. On board the choices were Canadian, Heineken, and one other which I can’t remember.

    cheers, Junior

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