the height of hoperbole..

obama_and_mediaYes, I know politicians are given to burping up sound bites which they think will play well on main street, and believe me, I am no fan of wall street fat cats – especially when they beg for public rescue and then turn around and award themselves bonuses for having conned the politicians.   However, Mr. Obama should, before he lets slip with his everyman words of comfort, at least look in the mirror.  Mr.  hopey changey hardly sounds presidential blasting wall street for their “height of irresponsibility” as he cranks up the thermostat  in the white house- hoping you won’t notice  – whilst lecturing the peons on our responsibility for climate change and how we are all going to have to suffer a little bit for the benefit of mother earth .  Hell even the obamatons at the Huffington Post have noticed – that can’t be good.  One wonders what the Goracle might think of it all.


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