around the world – part 33.1 (luggage lotto)

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January 30, 2009 by juniorannex

UPDATE:  I win the luggage lotto!   Turns out that mine were not some of the pieces pulled off – I do hope those whose luggage didn’t make it on our flight did not have to wait too long to receive theirs.

norman-rogers1January 30 2009:

Anyone departing Kingston’s Norman Rogers Airport has played this game – will my luggage make it as far as Toronto (let alone the final destination).  The cause for this is a relatively recent decision by Air Canada to cease servicing Kingston with Air Canada Jazz DH1, and rather to sub-contract air service to Air Alliance which flies tiny and apparently anemic Beechcraft airplanes.  These aircraft are not only weight limited, but depending upon the number and type of passengers, the balance point of the aircraft can mitigate also against a full luggage load.

Today, some luggage was removed – I guess I won’t find out until I arrive in Germany if I was a luggage lottery winner.   More at Kingstonist.


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