what we all secretly wish we could do….


January 3, 2009 by juniorannex

nickaboy…is to take nine months to travel the world writing a book about beer, beach bars and of course travel.   For those of you who enjoy living vicariously through others and wish to travel [and drink – i suppose]  you should stop by Nickaboy’s Blog

….me?  I travel because the boss tells me to – not that I mind it much [except the whole day out of your life in an aluminum cigar etc etc] nonetheless I must confess to thoroughly enjoying every minute I have to myself exploring around once I get there.


2 thoughts on “what we all secretly wish we could do….

  1. Gordo says:

    In a previous assignment, when travelling for work (IT support for seminars), I would always arrange to go a bit early. Throw that Saturday night stay in and the ticket price drops more than enough to cover the expense of a day or two more at the location. The instructors were horrified that I would do such a thing, but I wouldn’t done it any other way. 🙂

  2. nickaboy says:

    Thanks for the shout-out. Now the pressure is on even more to write that damn book! 🙂

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