all is well in the world – the economist has arrived


January 3, 2009 by juniorannex

economist_logo1For the past several years at my airport of departure I have initiated what has become over time a near ritual – namely the acquisition of the Economist prior to boarding the plane.  I have at times contemplated taking a subscription but for a variety of reasons never actually did so.  Thus, I was thoroughly surprised and delighted to have received a years subscription from the Parental Units this Christmas.  And the first issue is their year ending double – especially anticipated for its assemblage of essays on fascinating topics.

Best article in this issue:  “Light on a lonely Rock”  the story of the construction of the fastnet lighthouse south of Ireland.  I have sometimes imagined that in a different life I might have been a good lighthouse keeper – comes from reading too many ‘Tim to the Rescue” books;

Article to keep you awake at night: “The way the brain buys” the psychology of retail purchasing and exactly how much they already know about the choices you make when you step into a store – sort of freaky..


One thought on “all is well in the world – the economist has arrived

  1. nickaboy says:

    I am also a sporadic buyer of the Economist. My favourite annual publication is “The World in XXXX (whatever year they are previewing)”.

    One should actually take these publications and see at the end of each year how accurate they were. It should be especially interesting to do that with “The World in 2008”.

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