thou shalt BELIEVE! (and if you don’t we start calling you names)


Dec 15:  Bumped

The masters will not be deniedYou must believe in Global Warming – its doubleplusgood!    (nashing of teeth, rending of hair and dispensing of insults).

To those willing to listen, my new hero Vaclav Klaus has this to say:

The name of the new danger will undoubtedly be different, but its substance will be very similar. There will be the same attractive, to a great extent pathetic and at first sight quasi-noble idea that transcends the individual in the name of something above him, (of something greater than his poor self), supplemented by enormous self-confidence on the side of those who stand behind it. Like their predecessors, they will be certain that they have the right to sacrifice man and his freedom to make their idea reality. In the past it was in the name of the masses (or of the Proletariat), this time in the name of the Planet. Structurally, it is very similar. I see the current danger in environmentalism and especially in its strongest version, climate alarmism.


Things are unravelling for the devotees of the church of evil white westerners (EWW) – Apparently it’s Ok to dig up stasi fileson a former dissident who fails to tow the new party line – the better to expose him as a non-believer (!)

As the Czech President, Vaclav Klaus, an economist, anti-totalitarian and climate change sceptic, prepares to take up the rotating presidency of the European Union next year, climate alarmists are doing their best to traduce him.

The New York Times opened a profile of Klaus, 67, this week with a quote from a 1980s communist secret agent’s report, claiming he behaves like a “rejected genius”, and asserts there is “palpable fear” he will “embarrass” the EU.

But the real fear driving climate alarmists wild is that a more rational approach to the fundamentalist religion of global warming may be in the ascendancy – whether in the parliamentary offices of the world’s largest trading bloc or in the living rooms of Blacktown

Me, If figure my investment in Churchill waterfront property might not be paying off quite so soon.  I’m thinking a few mindless trips north of 401 to help reverse the cooling trend might be in order…..

Re-education camp in: three, two, one….(knock, knock)

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