around the world – part 30.1 (running of the restaurants brussels)

The paymaster sent me to Brussels to ride shotgun on a useless meeting (of course) which meant that I had plenty of free time on my hands.  Long story short – I accidently encountered a colleague from my regular German excursions and arranged to enjoy dinner tonight in the vicinity of the Grand Place. 

Holy smokes, what a mistake that was.  Turned down le petite rue de Bouchers near the Arcade and ran into the gauntlet of shills accosting us every 15 feet or so promising free beer, free appies and at least once, free girls (although judging by the talent I think they likely far exceeded my daily dinner expense rate).  What a bore.  After dodging the fifth or sixth fatish Belgian waiter promising the same as the previous I was pretty much ready to write off the entire district. 

Avoid le petite rue de Bouchers period.

We walked back towards the Hotel Leopold and the Place de Luxembourg where there are plenty of much less expensive restaurants, all offering excellent fare without the in your face hard sell of the Bouchers.


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