election hangover….

and so: 

  • another minority government:
  • dion about to be written out of the liberal script:
  • jack layton’s mustache fails to grab 24 sussex:
  • and elizabeth may is whinging about proportional representation (again!).

I actually don’t mind a minority government as it tends to smoke out the true intentions of each party.   And what an average lot they were.

The liberals demonstrated yet again that they will pander to soft socialism when it suits them, but will hastily ditch any policy which might actually get in the way of winning  – not that it helped this time around.  Does anyone even remember the ‘green shift‘?  It was so long ago.    Note to liberals – find a leader – but wait for the second coming a little while longer….

Layton wasn’t wrong when he whined about the liberals campaigning on NDP platform yet supporting the conservative agenda – but who cares -the NDP aren’t going to form a government in my lifetime.  Note to NDP – ditch the mustache (aka Talitubby Jack) and figure out a way that more than 18% of voters will actually care.

Elizabeth May – clearly not a serious candidate or a serious party (despite the ‘lets all play along nicely’ consensus which got her into the debates).  Whatever possessed her to run against a significant cabinet minister in a family riding?   If she really did want to get an elected (rather than wooing liberals undergoing crises of conscience) why not run in a riding where there was a good chance?  Bush league.

Bloc Q.  Duceppe provides the best entertainment in the English debates and then fades to the background for the remainder of the campaign.   I wonder how long Quebecers will continue to vote for no influence in government.  Like one big french speaking Danny Williams.

And then there are the conservatives.  The party better be thanking Mr Harper for hanging around long enough to develop some serious contenders when he decides to hang up the skates.  The problem with H, is that he has nearly no visible personality – and while I happen to believe that not all of our politicians need to prostitute themselves like Hollywood celebs – a little cutting loose from time to time wouldn’t be out of place.  Be smart and let a good three years go by before daring the house to an election.  It would be good to get through this economic cycle, let Canadians see that the Lieberals aren’t the only party capable of governing this country and please let the CBC know in no uncertain terms that their continual shameless cheer-leading for the liberals will jeopardise future funding.

Final thoughts – how is it that Canada has four parties on the left and only one to the right?  The election financing rules have smoked out the moonbats on the left into their respective sandboxes from friendly cuddly bear liberalism through to unapolagetic socialism to green wierdness with a dose of franco communism thrown in.   What hasn’t happened is a similar sorting on the right.


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