fall musings

Just returned from a lovely walk down by the river – what a gorgeous day!  The leaves have turned, but are mostly still on their trees, the sun is shining and warm, one of those days where summer (the one we never quite got around to this year) throws its last hurrah, as if to say “enjoy me now because in a very few weeks I you will wish I had stayed longer”. 

Everywhere neighbours are taking advantage of the warm weather and sunshine, windows cast open to welcome the warm breeze – plants being covered (but grudgingly) and leaves being corralled.  It is, perhaps, one of my favourite things – this turning of the earth.

The path takes us along through little ‘hundred acre’ woods and then on out into clearings before plunging back into the trees.  The fierce creatures run scuffing through the woods, kicking up leaves and revelling in the sound – followed by the parental units.  They dart towards the river, then stop quickly, falling over each other to pick the last hidden strawberries, and then just as suddenly turn and face towards home, devouring the experience in a way only children can,  knowing that there will be many more years of this.  Contemplation is still just a complex word for now….


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