around the world – part 29.5 (schlossed in lohrbach)

One of the coolest things about Europe and Germany in particular is that they have plenty of these:

In particular the Wasserschloss Lohrbach located approximately 8km north of Mosbach Germany in the Neckar Valley.   An abandoned wreck as late as the 1980s, it has been painstakingly brought back to life, largely through the efforts of Herr Klaus Weber and offers five unique vacation appartments to those willing to deviate from the path well travelled. 

The fierce creatures with parental units and aged grandparents in tow greatly enjoyed our stay at Lohrbach.  The appartments are very spacious and both luxurious and slightly romantic – highly recommended for anyone with an appreciation of history – check out the masons marks on the curved stairwell leading to the third floor appartment.


How to get there:  From Frankfurt – take the A5 south to the junction of A6 near Heidelburg, east on A6 to exit 37.  North approximately 30km on B27 towards Mosbach follow signs for Mosbach centrum and follow signs for 292 north towards Lohrbach.  Once in Lohrbach stay on the main road through town until you have almost exited to the west.  Just prior to leaving town, the main road curves right uphill – at the curve you will notice a narrow laneway between two houses which leads through an iron gate and into the forecourt.


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