around the world – part 28.9 (stockholm)

Stockholm - St George and Dragon

Stockholm - St George and Dragon

Beer: it’s expensive!

Taxis: also expensive!

Hotel: way expensive!

But did I mention that I absolutely loved Stockholm.  It is without a doubt one of the most photogenic cities I have had the privilege of visiting.  For those of you who have never been, a few fun facts about Stockholm:  It was founded about 750 years ago – which was a surprise to me – as I had naturally thought that almost every European city of reasonable size had been around for a dogs age – but there you have it.  It is situated on the western edge of a substantial archipelago of several dozen islands, with the urban area concentrated on 14 of them and including the mainland.

As a hanseatic league city, Stockholm prospered with seaborne trade and consequently its orientation is still very much towards the sea.   Any marine industrial activity has now largely departed the centre of Stockholm leaving plenty of marinas and a pedestrian friendly waterfront.  Thus the central core is very conducive to walking as there are generous sidewalks and bicycle paths.  My morning routine generally had me up and off for a run by 0600 – out from the hotel, past the Vaasa Museum, over the bridge and on the the Strand.  Down around the thumb facing the old town (Gamla Stan) past the Grand Hotel and then back towards the Djurgarden.  Very pleasant. 

Being somewhat conversant in German, I found that there were enough cognates that when reading signs and instructions I could generally get the gist of the message – however I don’t think I ever quite got the ear for the language. 

How to get there:

By Air:

from Munich or Frankfurt:  Lufthansa direct into Arlanda Airport and then via taxi into town.  Note Taxi’s post a fixed rate of 495 SEK from the international airport into the downtown core.


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