around the world – part 28.1 (regensburg)

Old Town RegensburgJune 06 2008: 

And so:  once again in Germany, this time for a short stay in Regensburg before heading off to Stockholm and then return to Canada.  Regensburg is a delightful city, first a Celtic settlement, later a Roman outpost and finally the heart of the von Thurn und Taxis family.  It is situated at the confluence of the rivers Danube (Donau) and Regen, with the old town largely on the south bank of the Danube river.  The north bank is of modern construction, mostly hotels, light industrial, apartment flats etc – generally unappealing.  Regensburg is a both a heavy manufacturing and cultural centre.  BMW has a factory in the southern suburbs.  It is also the southern terminus for the Main-Donau Canal which joins the Danube upstream at Kelheim.   Although I was not there to sight see, I did have opportunity to relax out in the evenings in the heart of the old town.   Monday night, Bishofshof restaurant a half block south of the Dom Platz wherein a very nice rumpsteak went downrange, Tuesday night, pizza at Am Tino’s; Thursday night, a delightful Indian shop (name escapes me now) where I was re-introduced to the core of British cuisine, the Beef Korma.

Travel Notes – valid for June 2008 

  • Hotels:  Never stay at the Best Western Atrium:  Although billed as a four star hotel, I think at the very least one star should be immediately withdrawn, and possible two.  For a modern building, it had no central AC, the bar/lounge service was desultory at best, it is placed smack dab in the middle of a light industrial/strip mall zone with all the charm of late 1990s parking lot chic.  I did not choose this hotel, but if I had the opportunity I never would.


  • Autobahn A9:  Be aware that there are at least three construction zone’s on the A9 between Kreutz Neufahrn and the A93 which will result in a rapid change in traffic speed near the entrance to each baustelle;


  • Autobahn A93 (Direction Regensburg):  Be aware that on the A93 from Wolznach and for about twenty kilometres or so heading north east towards Regensburg that the autobahn is speed controlled at 120kmh or less in places, as this portion of the autobahn has quite a few curves and hills.  It does open up after this and then becomes speed controlled just south of Regensburg before the A3 junction.


  • Autobahn A92 (Direction Deggendorf):  An alternate route is to take the A92 north east from the Airport towards Deggendorf and take the exit at Essenbach onto the B15 towards Regensburg.  It is probably slightly shorter in distance, but the B15 is a grade level highway passing through several small towns and has many speed controlled areas, particularly where it passes through or near towns.  A good alternative if you wish to see Germany at a sedate pace rather than as a blur.

How to get there:

By car from Munich:  A92 west to Kreutz Neufahrn, then A9 north towards Nuremberg.  Exit A9 at A93 towards Regensburg.

By train:  DB from Munich Hauptbahnhof

By air:  Air Canada flies direct from Toronto to Munich, Ottawa and Montreal to Frankfurt.  Lufthansa flies direct from Montreal to Frankfurt.


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