thou shalt believe!

Upperdate:  Here’s a plan even the Lieberals can get on board with.  It has all of their favourite policy hallmarks:

  • Intrusive (a government issued card that will allow you to buy your ration) with all sorts of government oversight and legions of bureaucrats to manage the policy: check;
  • Open to fraud: check
  • Will cost billions of tax dollars to implement (gun registry anyone?): check
  • Will penalise homeowners (freeze you middle class b*stards in your mcmansions!): check
  • Likely to penalise rural folks who may have to drive longer distances (probably socon anyway so f*ck them); check
  • Will win votes from the enviro-weenies and 905 belt: check


Apparently I will no longer be fit for polite company.  

“The God’s of Global Warming require that you believe.   Non believers shall be cast out upon on the sacred ice flow, thereupon to reflect on their evil ways.”



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