of decks and fierce creatures

Today was deck refurbishment day (2), in which replacement posts, small kids underfoot, electric tools of a variety of sorts and beer all made their appearance. I don’t know how any family with kids actually gets any projects completed – there’s probably a formula wherein for every project and kids lurking around, there is at least one ‘must have’ item which seems never to make if from the store to home, thus necessitating an emergency replenishment trip.

Anyway, the elder fierce creature tried his hand at painting – mostly successful – only a little transfered to clothing – but his real interest was firmly with the strange and cool tools populating my toolbox. As I write, he has the magnetic telescopic small thingy retriever at his side, firmly of the opinion that for now that is the coolest tool around. Being somewhat less than 8, but more than 7, he is very determined to share the tools so long as it doesn’t actually involve any work!

Of course at a crucial stage in the refurbishment, I discovered that I had left a piece of hardware in the car, which has now disappeared with SWMBO and littlest fierce creature off to the grocery store. It’s almost like the beer gods have conspired to force me to enjoy one.


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