around canada – part 2 (toronto zoo)

Not really around the world, but for the two fierce creatures, it might as well have been.   On Sunday afternoon, after a day’s work in refurbishing the deck, SWMBO, the fierce creatures and I headed off to the big smoke with the intent of introducing the littlest to his hero the Elephant. 

Some folks can’t stand the idea of zoo’s and to tell the truth, I’m a little conflicted as well.  I don’t, as a rule, support the travelling circuses with their animal acts, and I suppose I could be challenged on my support for the zoo.  I guess I come down on the side that on the whole, if one is going to be a captive animal, better to be in the hands of a professional zookeeper (and in particular those at the Metro Toronto Zoo) than under the care of a travelling circus. 

Regardless, junior fierce creature was absolutely mesmerised by the Elephant(s) and I think they helped cement their status as the paramount beasts in his world as they both ambled over towards the crowds.  I think we must have spent about a half hour or so viewing them.  Sure the hippos and rhinos were neat, but nothing beat the Elephants. 

Meanwhile elder fierce creature has graduated to the slimy and crawling beats and was quite nonchalant about anything quite so dull as a mammal with stripes and claws – sorry tigers – you just don’t cut it anymore.  But if you’re a snake, spider, venemous toad or voracious fish you’ve got his vote.  About the only thing that would have made the day completely satisfying for him is if one of his favourite killers had been doing the deed.


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