polar bears eat fish! quick, fetch a hankie for the enviro weenies

Update:  One of my favourite bloggers also comments:

“…And it seems that the Green Party has complained.  Um….HE’S A POLAR BEAR!  ….It also should be noted that Knut’s normal diet does not consist of tofu…”


Knut the Polar Bear did the unspeakable the other day; he killed and ate some fish [that’s just plain mean!] which were minding their own business swimming in the moat which separates him from his preferred prey – frightened primates gathered to stare at him in the Berlin Zoo. 

Well, he probably did kill them just for fun.  Knut’s idea of a tasty morsel is a baby harp seal (Phoca brigittebardoticus).  So I presume fish would be like, well, sprinkles.  And who hasn’t dipped a wet fingertip in a cookie bag to get a nice coating of the sprinkles that migrate to the bottom?  Just for fun, you know.

Now I agree that disemboweling live fish may seem crude to the Western envirophilicus effeteicus eye, but Knut is from a different culture.  A culture where bloodlust is the highest good.  And who are we to judge?

So lighten up on Knut, OK?  Unless Al Gore is able to destroy modern civilization and the global energy economy, poor old Knut may be the ursine equivalent of the Last of the Mohicans.  Or so they say.  “They” being, of course, the panty-wetting greentards.

via:  Secular Apostate.


One thought on “polar bears eat fish! quick, fetch a hankie for the enviro weenies

  1. If any one complains about the seal hunt they should ask themself if they have ever played base ball. How many cows have died so that little boys can play catch?

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