around the world – part 26.8 (no place like home)

One of the nicest things about travelling is that eventually it comes to an end.  Don’t get me wrong – I lived an itinerant childhood and I do very much like to travel, but there is nothing quite like the sense of relief and comfort I receive when I step through the front door.  The littlest one is too young to really know where I go off to, but he certainly asks momma where I am, and I know that he feels my absence – that is when I feel most guilty about my work.   The oldest is still just young enough that he won’t mind a snuggle after dinner, reading (hopefully) ‘Treasure Island’.

However, by this time tomorrow I shall be home, surrounded by family, in a warm house a warm bed and a reminder by SWMBO that the next morning, I have the fierce creatures all to myself while she catches up on some much needed rest. 

It is the least I can do.


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