around the world – part 26.3 (twenty seven tunnels to interlaken)

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January 22, 2008 by juniorannex

January 22 2008:

Drove down from Greding to Interlaken this morning – about five hours with a stop for breakfast.  I think I like the Mercedes COMMAND gps system – was very accurate and let me know about 150km in advance of an accident.  The motorways were pretty quick (except the rush hour on A9 leading into Munich) all the way to the Austrian border at  Bregenz where the 130kmh limit comes into effect and continues on into Switzerland.  Out of curiosity I started counting tunnels I passed through on the way – twenty seven – and the absolute coolest is the breinzwiler-tunnel.jpgspiral tunnel on the  Swiss A8 at Brienzwiler Switzerland.  Love the switchback before entering and immediately upon exiting the tunnel.  Classic!

 How to get there:

1. Fly into Zurich; or

2. Drive as I did from Greding:

Follow Autobahn 9 (A9) south towards Munich; at Kreutz Neufahrn take A92 southwest towards Augsburg, join the A99 and follow signs for A96.  Join the A96 towards Lindau and Austria (A) and Switzerland (CH).   A96 ends at the border with Austria – follow signs for Bregenz – remember to purchase the autobahn vignettes for both Austria and Switzerland!  Follow signs for Zurich, then Luzern.  Once past Luzern follow signs for Gotthard / Interlaken.


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