freedom of speech

The Eye gets it right:

 “there are things on which civilized people from across the political spectrum agree, basic assumptions that are necessary prerequisites to the functioning of a democracy: that only open debate and the airing of conflicting opinions produces progress, and that everyone is entitled to due process before the court system.  The things that keep us safe from totalitarianism are free speech and due process.  That the human rights commissions of BC, Alberta and the federal government are even hearing these complaints [steyn, levant – ed] endangers both.

We have laws, both criminal (dealing with hate speech) and civil (dealing with defamation) and a constitutional Charter that proscribe the limits of free speech. These are interpreted and applied by the courts.  We have no need for tribunals of non-judges to go about trashing fundamental Canadian freedoms whenever someone’s feelings are hurt.”


Contact your member of parliament today.  The Human Rights Commissions are in desperate need of Parliamentary intervention and not a moment too soon.


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