around the world – part 25.1 (greding)

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December 1, 2007 by juniorannex

Dec 01 2007:

If I haven’t already mentioned it in previous posts, let it be said that Greding is a charming little town located in lower Bavaria (Nieder Bayern).   It IS little, and it IS Bavarian which means that the locals can be counted on to organise some sort of festivity involving quantities of beer on a regular basis.   I believe (though I cannot confirm) that the town proper has about 3500 Gredingers but probably double that when the other hamlets and dorfs which fall under its jurisdiction are counted in.  It has the happy circumstance of being located midway between Ingolstadt and Nuremberg, just of the Autobahn A9, which means that it is close enough to justify a day trip the big smoke, but far enough that it hasn’t become a bedroom community yet.    

My favourite hotel, and the basis for the name of this blog, is the AmMarkt operated by familie Haas; they take care of us very well and although one should never wish for a hotel to become a second home, they have made it quite easy for me to make these trips.  Without the AmMarkt I doubt I would be quite as happy here.

 How to Get There

  1. By Car:  From Munich Airport, follow signs for Munchen, enter Autobahn A92 approximately 15km to junction A9 (Kreutz Neufahrn), enter A9 north towards Nurnberg via Ingolstadt, approximately 90km.  Take exit 57 Greding.
  2. By Car:  From Frankfurt Airport, follow signs for A3, east towards Wurzburg / Nurnberg, south on A73 (towards Nurnberg / Feucht), and then south on A9 towards Munchen, take exit 57 Greding.

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