around the world – part 24 (prague redux)

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November 11, 2007 by juniorannex

November 11  2007: 

Late fall in Prague – grey and cold.  Everyone hurries, no one lingers – time enough for that once the flowers reappear.   For only the second time in my travels I find myself unable to make sense of the language.  The first was in Armenia with its 42 letter alphabet and unique script; now I find myself unable to find any cognates within the slavic languages.  This is, of course, entirely understandable but nontheless disconcerting.  For the most part it is ameliorated by the fact that most Czechs speak fairly good english, and it only becomes a difficulty when attempting to order food at a local restaurant where the menu has not been translated.  I have been tempted to try a third language, in particular German, as I am given to understand that quite a many Czechs understand German as a second language, but then perhaps I am misinformed.

Is it just me or is every second person a teabag?  You would think that the Brits would have had enough of cold dreary weather; why prolong their summer experience here in November? 

Tyler Cowen’s ethnic dining guide applied to Prague:  Go Mexican – only not downtown.  Found a decent one in the Dejvicka district, Cafe Fiesta where a beer and very tasty meal cost 205 CzK or about $10 CAD.


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