around the world – part 17.5 (or things you miss while you are gone)

Wow: just when I got to thinking that what I was doing was of interest to all concerned, unconnected events occur which bring me back to reality.

The first was calling home to hear my dearest tell me that kid 2.0 had taken his first steps just yesterday – apparently a seven step hike, followed by a 10 or 12 step marathon.  Not surprisingly crawling still seems fastest to him.  At 9 and a half months old he is determined to join the ranks of homo-erectus….


On the other hand I discover that a good friend has been on the receiving end of “homo-politicus.” My wife says, quick – ‘google’ Andrew O____ – and what do I discover but a fairly well developed set of links relating the sad story of the crushed ego of our fearless leaders.  This sordid tale of political sensitivities was exposed by Andrew’s refusal to insert “Canada’s New Government” (TM) into correspondence with same.  Makes one wonder just how self important our politicians imagine themselves to be.  Sounds like alls well that ends well – but I wait with intense curiosity to hear it from Andrew himself when he visits in October.

Keep safe and remember ‘Reply to All’ has an internal logic of its own….

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